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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Yes, really. You're upset about the prospect of having healthcare? Taxes also pay for those pesky roads and schools. If you don't have children or a car do you write to the mayor of your city and tell him you want that tax money back because you want to excercise the right to not send your children to public school? There is a real problem with skyrocketing healthcare in this country and when something does go wrong and you're not covered, you would rather die in the street with a stack of medical bills than lose your "right" to refuse healthcare coverage?
Not the point I was making. You’re also confusing how taxes work. My property taxes go to support local schools—which I have no problem paying. I recognize taxes are necessary, but I also realize where taxes go and what they do. My gas taxes when I fill up go for roads—I appreciate this because I hate driving on crappy roads in the BMW. All taxes have different flavors, but they don’t all go to support the same thing in a general pool---huge difference between local, state, federal and what they provide. Moreover, I’m not upset about having healthcare—I’ve actually got fantastic healthcare. My entire point is: shouldn’t I, and others, have the “right” to choose what is best for me? If in fact I do need healthcare and I am uninsured, I pay, but as a consumer I assume the risks. Skyrocketing healthcare costs will not solved by throwing more money at the problem. Again, like I mentioned earlier, something needs to be done about healthcare, but not giving people an option is not the solution.