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Originally Posted by mastek View Post
Your brake issues sound like pads and/or proper bleeding issues. The AP Kit has been VERY consistent in my experience. And you'd be SHOCKED at the difference a proper bleed can yield (and proper pads of course).

I ran F3R front and F4R rear on the AP Kit HARD at Laguna until I boiled my Motul 600 ... but the consistency was solid all the way up until.
I also disintegrated a set of Mintex Extreme's at Buttonwillow after 2 sessions and was surprised at how little warning or drop-off in braking consistency and performance I had ... up until the brakes failed when the pads went to powder and the backing plate.

It's not bleeding issue. I had that before, but fixed it before heading to track. And yes, I was shocked and still shocking at how much braking power the F3R providing. It's almost too much for DD. yes,,, too much. It's the right word.

I'm sure it's not an overheated brake pads related either. Because most of the time the braking was fine, even after 7 sessions of continuely tracking in a day.

I mean the braking power is not stable enough to give me confidence. For example, if braking at a long straight away, Brembo GT BBK and Stoptech BBK (even some cracpy stock ones) on my other cars are able to brake and stop at the same spot lap after lap. However, AP is not the same. Sometimes it stops earlier than usual, sometimes it stops later than usual, which is really annoying and force me to brake earlier than where it should be. It can be happened just about anytime during the day, doesn't matter cold or hot.