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Originally Posted by wwjd15 View Post
^^ good thread. I was just thinking to start one this morning. Do you do some check up for your car after some track days? Such as compression test, valve check, etc.

I got my car only 2 months and had 3 track days so far. Here's my issues:

Power Steering fluid:
It failed from first session of the first track day. Also, it leaks everytime I track it. Sucks!

Slow shifting happened during some sessions at 3rd track day.

Brakes: (AP BBK)
2nd track day, overheated Motul 600 barker fluid. Braking power was not constant stable for some reason.
3rd track day, not sure if I overheated the Motul 660, but braking was not constant again.
Your brake issues sound like pads and/or proper bleeding issues. The AP Kit has been VERY consistent in my experience. And you'd be SHOCKED at the difference a proper bleed can yield (and proper pads of course).

I ran F3R front and F4R rear on the AP Kit HARD at Laguna until I boiled my Motul 600 ... but the consistency was solid all the way up until.
I also disintegrated a set of Mintex Extreme's at Buttonwillow after 2 sessions and was surprised at how little warning or drop-off in braking consistency and performance I had ... up until the brakes failed when the pads went to powder and the backing plate.