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OP - If you hear a click (from the solenoid), CAS is not your problem. There is really no question about this. And FWIW, the CAS module is not a "known issue" for E9x vehicles in a general sense or specifically for failure of starter/solenoid activation.

If you don't hear a click from the solenoid, that would be a different situation. When you say "clicking" are you hearing the solenoid or something else?
I also would like to know since i have the same issue .
My starter doesn't crank what so ever but i do hear solenoid (maybe relay noise?) from engine bay.
I'm not 100% positive if that CAS module affects the solenoid or starter activation but CAD module can stop vehicle from starting.

List of possible symptoms you may notice if the CAS module or one of its components fails.
Malfunction message on the iDrive screen.
BMW does not start.
Key not recognized.
BMW won't start due to bad CAS module.
The car will turn over but not start.
CAS failure is pretty uncommon, majority of the time if you hear click when hitting the start button and no start it's the starter. Starter failure is fairly common on e9x chassis.