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Originally Posted by 6ixSpd View Post
Great work, especially with integrating into the stock buttons! I seriously contemplated these as well, but most reviews of the various brands (QTP, etc) constantly come back with short term failures of the actuators to open/close.

Curious to see the long term reliability of yours.
I think this little timing circuit might help mitigate the reliability issue. None of those kits come with one AFAIK, and they cost 4 times as much. Some even recommend that you listen for the sound and physically stop pressing the switch when you hear them fully opened. This is no longer Chinese clone crap, it's a high quality product with innovations of its own.

Aside from poor timing causing motor stress or gear stripping, the design of these cutouts seems to eliminate heat issues. QTP and other style cutouts have a full metal enclosure that connects with the motor. This style, which looks to be sintered aluminum, doesn't transfer much, if any heat to the motor mounting. Instead, it has two posts connecting the flap to the motor.

I might buy a second kit and just keep the other two motors on ice for if / when it fails.

I am very happy with this kit, and I've been switching it about 6 or more times when I drive:

Get out of the neighborhood, open.
see a cop, close.
freeway onramp, open.
freeway cruising, close.
city area, open and hear the reverberations (sorry!)
traffic, close.

I don't think anyone would regret this, especially at the price point. eBay sellers will practically bend over backwards to avoid a negative rating too. Do it!

I will upload several sound clips soon, sorry for the blue balls. Nothing beats a straight pipe at the push of a button.

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