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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
can you leave permanent signature release with the shippers anymore? i used to have it with UPS, but i don't know if they do that anymore. not only that, but it now costs the billed party extra money to obtain a signature on delivery because of the high rate of undeliverable packages. that's why they don't do it free anymore. i guess it's relevant for high priced items, but i hate getting door tags. i'm too impatient.
Most of the time UPS doesn't even ring the door bell. I don't recall authorizing UPS drop off (it would have been a long time ago if I did), but that's what they do. With FedEx I recall authorizing drop off the first time I got something via FedEx. I think I signed something.

I remember that I had to sign for the last UPS delivered Dell computer that I bought, but that's been years ago.