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Originally Posted by Comet View Post
I have a big problem with corrupt cops. They put their sirens to do an illegal U-turn at a red light to grab McDs.
Or the ones that purposely do 30km/h in a 50 zone to piss people off. Or drive with their lights off at night to catch people speeding (that is hella dangerous btw)
the kind that will pull you over for 1km/h over the speed limit (happened to my brother recently).
The kind that pulled me over cause my car slipped on ice a little passed the stop sign.
The ones that try to push you out of a line at Tim Horton's because they think they are above it.

how often, really, do you guys actually go and beat down on organized crime?
I mean, to us, it looks like all you do is just loft around in the police station and play GTA 4. Cleaning up the city of gangs/drugs (not marijuana though)/ and the likes?
like actually shake down a front and put people behind bars.
I'm talking police officers, not FBI..
How much of your time is out there giving tickets as opposed to "Serve and protect".
You're not protecting me when you are giving me a ticket for 1km/h over the speed limit. Chances are, you were doing 2-3km/h over in order to catch me. Chances are, I drive better than you. Why are you allowed to drive recklessly?
I can't even think of where to begin and I wasn't going to even justify your pathetic existence with a response, but you did make a few errors and I feel it is my duty to "Serve" you by educating you. As you probably know from watching TV cop shows, all cops are in investigations and they go around shooting up the town, beating confessions from suspects and never writing a report. The reality of the job is that most cops don't ever work organized crime, get promoted to investigations or do narcotics work. The majority of officers spend their careers in the patrol division dealing with people's personal problems that they ought, as adults, to be able to handle themselves.

I, however HAVE done all of those assignments. I have put Kilo dealers behind bars, caught murder suspects within hours of them stabbing an innocent victim through the heart, obtained confessions through superior intellect as opposed to violence, and I have been a patrol officer assigned to traffic detail.

So, while you sit there and impugn my career anonymously without knowing anything about me personally, I set the record straight.

While you try and differentiate between drugs and marijuanna, I uphold the law indiscriminately, knowing that just as many people have suffered over pot as other drugs.

While you hide behind the various stereotypes about cops and believe they are true, I prove you wrong on a daily basis by my very existence.

You pontificate over one mile an hour over the limit tickets without admitting that you probably speed every day of the year and don't get caught for THOSE violations, and then whine about when you do.

You are right about one point, however. When I write you a ticket, I am not serving you. I AM however, serving and protecting other people, from you, because it is necessary that I do so. And, I am protecting you from yourself because I guarantee you that you are nowhere near the driver you think you are. If you were, you outstanding car control abilities would have ensured you did NOT slide past the stop line.

Ultimately, I feel a bit sorry for people like you. You clearly have a victim mentality and you will likely go through life feeling like the cops are out to get you. I find it difficult to believe that you are as innocent as you make it appear, or that you didn't deserve at least some of what you received.

Lastly, although I don't know why I bother, I am allowed by law to exceed the speed limit to catch violators such as yourself. This also applies to when you dial 911 for some crisis in your life. Guess what? I, and those like me will still come at your call to help you out of whatever situation you find yourself in, despite your pathetic attitude towards us.

Good luck in life. You'll need it

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