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Interesting, 21K on the shocks is not much at all and I can't imagine they wear so much just sitting there. Also surprised your PO put Dinan springs on a ZCP car - that's known to drop the car like, a few MMs at most. Eibach, ZCP, and Dinan springs are all quite close in rates/height.
Thereís more to life than the drop, I guess. Maybe Dinan springs give a little bit better handling? I got them for ďfreeĒ so Iím not going to complain.

Iím not saying the shocks are worn, but Iíve noticed quite a difference in control since I brought the car here last year. Perhaps the bushings didnít do well in the humidity, perhaps the dampers just havenít liked sitting. I figure I have to start fixing things somewhere, might as well start with Bilstein, since they apparently work as good or better than stock.

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FWIW you have Dinan Stage 1 suspension. Stage 2 adds the sway bar, 3 adds the camber plates (or vise versa).
Some other guy told me different last year:

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^ Thatís right, minus the dampeners (just springs and mounts/stops). And stage 3 adds the front sway.

Regardless, the car has Dinan Stg 2. Thatís what his build sheet says. Sway bar looked stock when I crawled under the car.