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Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
Hey Everyone,

This thread is to help all those who have been wanting ideal EQ settings for there Enhanced Premium audio systems. There has been a lot of speculation on what are the most ideal settings and it's time to address this matter.

Curiosity struck, so I decided to try these settings in my own car to see why some people were complaining, and within the first 30 seconds of listening, I realized why people weren't happy with some of the settings posted in the past.

PencilGeek took the time and liberty to post up some settings in the past, and used his equipment and expertise to generate a flat frequency response. But there was one thing that was alarming to me, and that was his 2K frequency setting, it was at +8. This told me one of a few things, either the positioning of the MIC in the car is not ideal, not intended for car environments or etc. Most of his settings were pretty close to where it should be set, but the most obtrusive and ear piercing frequency in car audio is between 1.7k-2.3k hZ with the most problematic one being right around 2k hZ.

For those wondering if my settings are going to be good enough, reference here. It has been made a sticky, and hopefully a moderator will do it for this thread as well!!

The Settings I am posting are for an E92 M3 with Enhanced Premium Sound. I will go as far as saying that it is a great sounding audio system, and it should not be criticized so much. If you are looking for a system that will rattle your bones and give you some bump rolling down the street, no factory system will do this for you. The EPS audio system was designed for sound quality (SQ). Having built a couple award winner SQ systems, this stereo system does pretty darn well when setup correctly. Once you guys input the settings, you may come to agree.

EQ Settings: E92 M3, Enhanced Premium Sound:

100 Hz: 0
200 Hz: +1
500 Hz: +3
1k Hz: +4
2k Hz: -1
5k Hz: +3
10k Hz: +3

Bass: +3 (User definable)
Treble: +1 (User Definable)
Fader: 0 (User Definable, based on height and seating position. If you are tall and sit further back, adjust the fader. For reference, I am 6 feet tall, and have the fader set to ZERO)
Balance: 0

Surround Processing: ON (Your choice. I personally like the way the DIRAC processor handles time alignment and imaging, so I left the setting on. Plus, it doesn't have the weird in/out fading issue the Logic7 system had)

S-VOL should be set to 2.

If you are using your IPOD. Make sure the internal EQ is set to FLAT, or OFF, as well as volume limiter being disabled.

Once I get my hands on an E90 M3, I will make the proper adjustments. These settings will work for E90 folks, however, some very minor adjustments may be necessary. If anyone would like to bring me their E90, I would be more than happy to use you as a guinea pig.


I just used these settings today and I think it sounds great thanks for the post