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Originally Posted by urbo73 View Post
So what is your street setup, track setup, and winter setup? Tires/wheels. I'm confused! I may take my car for the hell of it to NHMS with the PCA white group one day and beat the crap out of it stock to see what it can do with 0 mods. Not even brake fluid. Let it boil and let the air get in the lines and see how it behaves! Like I told you last time, the Porsche ABS sensors went nuts! Lots of fun.
I clearly have too many wheels/tires. I'm confused myself. I made a mistake by ordering the stock 19" wheels. I should have gone with the 18s, burned them up over the summer, and then retired that set for winter use with winter tires, but I didn't. I ordered the stock 19" wheels, burned up the PS2 at NHMS after a few track days, and signed up for an "intensive" HPDE during which the sessions were 45 minutes long. I knew buying another set of PS2 would be pointless as they would melt away, so I looked around for 18" track wheels with the right offset, couldn't find anything in stock, and mounted PSCs on the stock 19" wheels instead. Then winter came, and I bought the cheap winter wheels. Then, last month, when looking around for track wheels, I saw this great deal TCKline had, and got a set of used TE37s for $1800! So, that's the entire story...

Track setup here: