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Originally Posted by Filthy Monkey View Post
Supaguard is not a clear film, it is simply a paint sealant, applied in two coats like a polish. Over here it costs 200 from a dealer (~$400). I have to be honest, I would never normally pay for it, but it had already been applied to my car when I picked it up and, as I was being allowed to buy their showroom car and get one of the first customer cars in the country, didn't have a whole lot of room for negotiation. Having it on the car for the first time, I wouldn't really say it makes a lot of difference and probably wouldn't waste my money on it again...

Dealer's going to do it at cost, which is 200, for paint seal and leather stuff. Did not realise it but I had something similar on my 996 T, it was slightly noticeable and actually didn't need to wax as much.