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Originally Posted by Sick Speed View Post
Good points Lucid but what I am talking about is not an additional layer of clear coat. It is a piece of impact resistant film that protects the front of the car from nicks and dings we pick up over time from road debris. Trust me...if I had it available when I first purchased my E46 in 2004 I would have paid the money for it. Now for me to repair all of the nics from road road debris it would cost me a lot more than if I had applied the film. I know some drivers who have had this on their car for 2 years and their fronts still look new.

You do make a good point about potentially some dealers using less than adequate material. My local speed shop offers this service and they only use the 3M film which 3M developed specifically for a car application.


Sure, the film you mention is becoming more popular in the UK. But, it's the paint shield that I am still deliberating over. Cheers.