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Originally Posted by JerezBlue! View Post
Anticipating delivery of my car around 15 October 07.

The dealer is calling with certain last minute extras!

Are you having exterior/interior treated by Supaguard?

I am not sure, but this may apply to UK purchasers only.

Apparently, it will cost an extra 450 inc 3 Yr guarntee.

Many thanks.
I cannot speak for other dealerships in the US but my local dealership is offering the same package for all their BMWs this season. It does not go by the same name but it is similar to what you are referring to.

I would forgo the interior treatment and I only say that because I have had my 2004 E46 now coming up on 4 years with 52,000 miles and the interior is in excellent condition. I cleaned it with a mild leather cleaner every few months and it has preserved it nicely.

However, the exterior protection is something I will get this time. It is a thin film from 3M and it is completely invisible and will keep the 'nic' (front bumper, front of hood, mirrors) areas of the car perfectly protected. US costs are $350 or 253 Euro for you.