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Originally Posted by Moze View Post
A co-worker of mine at a popular bar in my town has obtained what I'd like to call a "sugar mama..."

I've decided that I need to get me one of these ASAP.

She isn't attractive and she isn't small, but shes young and loaded, drives a new M5, and I've decided that having sex with one of these would be much better than working...

My fortunate co-worker walked away with a couple nice gifts today from this chick:
- a $10,000 rolex
- a $400 tip on a $20 bar tab

Anyway, this is just what crossed my mind and I thought I'd share my new career path.
yeah, thats a great career path until she dumps your ass for some other new meat and your a homeless fool. good luck with that.

"...I maybe drunk, but you're ugly, and I can sober up..."