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Originally Posted by whats77inaname View Post
So the question becomes, which way should we fix this? If the states can toll Interstate highways, one could see poorer states have higher tolls to address other needs. If the govt. increases the tax rate, it is a flat tax across the board. Decisions, decisions.
Its not a flat tax across the board.

People like myself that drive 4k miles a year pay little in gas tax when others that live in the suburbs and drive 40 miles a day on the interstate in their Excursion pay more.

The govt cant manage itself because its not a private sector company.

Gas tax hasn't risen since the 90's.... its a political tool.

Politicians are scared to up the gas tax for some unknown fear of some tax payer backlash.

Then they spoint to decaying/small roads and allow toll companies to step in and line their pockets.

No private sector company would have allowed their revenues to dry up like that.