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Originally Posted by fecurtis View Post

I also don't think $1 tolls are a big deal.
Please don't take offense to this, because I don't mean to offend; this is a very flawed way of thinking in my opinion. Simply because it isn't a 'big deal' to you doesn't mean it isn't a big deal to someone else. $5 a week to you (and me, thankfully) is nothing, but to someone else it literally might determine whether or not the family gets a gallon of milk this week. Seriously, there are a LOT of families out there that deal with this very predicament every day.

I lived in NoVA for about 20 years. It is a very, VERY affluent area and I think there is a skewed sense of economics and how most people live in that entire region.

Raising tolls on federal highways is akin to you getting a second or third job to support your household. On a microeconomic level, when things get tight in a household the first typical reaction is to reduce expenditures, and adhere to a tight budget. This seems to be a completely alien concept to the Feds; when they spend too much or completely lose track of money, they react by raising taxes. They've been doing this for how many decades now? It's working so well....

Raising taxes to support roads does absolutely nothing to address the two root economic issues that continue to plague this country which are excessive spending, and devaluation of the dollar.