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Originally Posted by manari06 View Post
So I checked USPS to track and see what's up with my wheels! Well one of the wheels made it to NJ and departed the sorting facility! The other three wheels are still somewhere in Anaheim CA. The funny thing is that it says expected delivery date 23 November 2012! Yeah sure, Also the TPMS I ordered with the wheels which were shipped by PYspeed and supposely priority still hasn't arrived and went thru the sorting facility in LA.
I wonder how long I need to wait to start a claim with my CC company for not receiving the Items?
ship from CA to APO..... sorry to tell you it take 15-20 business days. which is about 3-4 weeks wait time. i ship to APO a lot and it is how long need to wait.
plus parcel post tracking number sucks big time