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Wes Howell

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I have a 2011 ZCP. I want to put 20's on the car. Yes, mainly for aesthetics.
I don't think they'll look right at stock height and I just want to drop the car a tad more. It seems that the eibachs will drop the comp package a bit more and I'd be in good shape aesthetically. However, I don't want my car to bouncy as others have reported... I've heard the H&R are too stiff.... but I'd rather have stiffer than bouncy....

I have heard that the dinan won't lower a ZCP car much if any.

Just so ya know. I have read all the sussy threads and done tons of research and I still have no idea what to do. I really need some good advice.

I don't want to go cheap with springs if a coilover will give me better ride quality. (DD, street use is more important to me and I'd like a little better performance) I will consider paying for something nicer, I might even drop some money on the Moton street sport...but this car won't see the track much. As I said, I want to lower my car just a bit more to make the wheels look better and I want to maintain my ride quality.

What would YOU do? Would you go Eibachs? Would you go Moton SS? Would you go with something like a simpler coil over setup from Ground Control or AST? A lot of my buddies say that the KV3's are a cheap solution... I'm so lost. Please help.
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