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Great topic. I've been thinking about bump stops a little also lately. I just recently purchased the Moton SS kit and I'm trying to figure out the best combination of bump stops, err or maybe at least a good starting point before I dive into the install. I think I have an idea in reading all the post from on the board but I figured I'd ask and maybe learn a little more.

I notice that the bump stops provided with the front Moton SS kit are roughly about 1" in total height. Significantly shorter than the stock front E92 M3 bump stops and E46. I assume from this and reading other experiences with the Moton SS kit that the bump stop provided for the front is wayyy to short and will allow the tire to run deep into the fender liner on heavy compression. That being said would it be recomended for the fronts to use something like the E46 or stock E92 bump stop with the Moton SS setup? I also noticed something new with rzm3's Moton Club Sport setup. The bump stops in those pics look quite a bit taller than the ones provided with the Moton SS kit pics.

I guess in all this reading I've also been thinking about the shaved guide supports provided in the Dinan setup for the fronts. With the effort that goes into shaved guide supports, would it be more effective to select a bump stop of the correct height that would provide for the additional travel at the front shock but not too much that it allows the front tire to rub against the fender liner? Or is there something more the the shaved guide support provide that I'm missing.

I would love to see a collection of specs for the different front bump stops that people have been using. I can measure up the ones that I have and post up if anyone is interested.

As for the rears, I haven't even collected my thoughts on it but I'm thinking the options are maybe a little easier there??

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