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Originally Posted by Ajax-Prime View Post
Ummm...based on this image, I'm gonna go with the inconel is SUBSTANTIALLY lighter than their SS version. Either that, or this guy is really jacked.


The guys in F1 have been using Inconel for a few years at least. Maybe you just use a thinner gauge than the regular stainless.

Inconel is heavier than stainless steel. I dont think you would have to be "jacked" to hold up a muffler. It might weigh 20lbs at most for the small section section the guy is holding in the picture. I'm pretty sure my 110lb girlfriend could hold that up...

Here is the comparison of SS vs Inco:

Inconel - Density 0.306 lbs/cu in - 0.299 lbs/cu in

Stainless Steel (302) - Density 0.285 lbs/cu in

In order to make a lighter exhaust with inco, you would hve to use a thinner gauge tubing, but this could also be done with SS, no difference...

If you look at the Ebay ad posted above, those are headers made out of inconel which makes sense due to the extreme heat that an F1 car produces right out of the exhaust ports. Not necessary or even beneficial in the slightest way on a street car, or even most race cars. So yes, Inco is not something new to the auto industry but it has a very specific place, eg. turbo charger impellers, and components, headers for certain engines such as formula cars.

Good luck to whoever sells these...
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