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Originally Posted by sunsweet View Post
...If the level is fine should i request a change to the + FM Booster version ? The sound is not loud but suspicious. I read the bulletin about diff grinding sound but that is not what I am hearing. I hear like a sound similar to a needle that is lightly bent on a another metal piece just when it slides off the edge and springs back straight (but louder than a normal needle). It would make that pinging sound 5 to 6 times during a very slow sharp turn...
I would go back to your dealer and insist on another change to +FM fluid.

The way to check the diff(and manual trans) fluid is to have the car on a lift perfectly level and remove the 14mm hex (upper)plug. When you remove the plug the fluid level should be LEVEL with that fill hole(or sometimes a little bit spills out of it, or your put your finger inside the hole to see how low the oil is). That is the only way to check it.