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Originally Posted by sunsweet View Post
I've read this thread because I heard some very light metallic pinging noise today like someone throwing a small pebble at a large empty can 5 times from the back of the car while taking a slow sharp right turn right after being stopped at a red light. This is a completely bone stock new car that was just serviced for the 1200 miles service. This occurred twice today and never before. I am a conservative and careful driver. I have never driven the car hardcore, never floored the throttle, never red lined it, and never done any launch. Do not even try that angle of question because this car was broken in as per the book and I just progressively started to do more sporty drives, nothing radical. What could this be ?? Is this thread relevant to the noise I am hearing ?

I first thought i needed the alternative differential fluid but upon checking the part # they used 2282583 Final-drive gear oil SAF-XJ which is the alternative one already, not the original 83-22-1-467-993 one.
I think BMW recommends SAF-XJ+FM (friction modifier) instead of just plain XJ diff fluid. The FM helps quiet the LSD on low speed turns like when parking the car.

bmw p/n 83 22 2 282 583 SAE 75W-140 SAF-XJ + FM BOOSTER
I think when you order this you get three 0.5L bottles. ?

CORRECT 1M Fluids List Engine, Transmission, Differential

Also since you never heard this sound before your 1,200 mile service... maybe the diff oil is under filled. I think you should first check your dff fluid level. Then maybe switch over to the +FM fluid.

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