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"Following too closely" ticket

I'm at a stop light, one old Corolla in front, nothing in front of her. Light turns green, Corolla sits there. It goes after about 3 cars on right side have passed her. Corolla brakes at 10mph so I brake. starts to accelerate so I go then it slows down again.
Right then a cop shoots behind me and lights on. I pull over immediately. I was going about 15-20mph hour at this point. Total distance from stop light to when he pulls me over is about 500 yards. No accident.

Cop asks why pulled over and I said I was close to the Corolla. He says yes. Then says (exact words) " what year is this?" I say 2008. He asks if it has V8. I say yes. He says nice car.
"how long have you had it?" I said since 2008. He asks if I bought it new. I said yes. He asks how much does a M3 cost new. I said about $70k. Gives me ticket.

Fine is $260. I'm in Georgia. I was just going to pay the ticket. But this is my first ticket ever.

Should I go to court and try to argue the ticket? The ticket says there is video. No speed is listed on ticket. Ticket says I admitted I was too close.