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Originally Posted by Jaws View Post
So if everyone should aspire to greater things, who will wait tables? work in the Quick E marts?.... someone has to. Are these people not deserving of good health care? You say that you are a highly educated professional. You sure don't argue or write like one.
Let's put it this way. Nobody "deserves" anything, period the end. Just because you're alive and kicking does NOT entitle you to all the perks of life. You have to work for them. Squeaking through life on just enought to live paycheck to paycheck without attempting to better yourself is not working towards anything; it's just laziness. Go work at Safeway or Starbucks if you want health care benefits. Plenty of companies offer benefits to even part time workers. People choose the life they live and should be accountable for their own choices. Name me one person disabled or not who couldn't work a few hours a week bagging groceries or serving coffee in order to get quality benefits. The only benefit of social healthcare is to the extreme lazy, the people who live in poverty, drug addicts, illegal immigrants, etc. Who will flip the bill for them? The middle class of course. I find it utterly stupid to pay for that shit espeically if the Federal Government is going to run it. Talk about waste...

I have an idea. Let's not stop by giving out free health care, let's also buy everyone a brand new BMW to drive. Afterall people who wait tables and work at gas stations should be able to drove what they want shouldn't they?