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Originally Posted by gum5h03 View Post
And that's somehow the rest of the world's fault that you didn't plan ahead for something like that? I don't know about you but I made arrangements for that very case. If I get laid off or injured or whatever I have enough saved up for nearly a year out of work (which will never happen because I'm an educated, well paid professional who can find another job within a day). As far as people that wait tables or sweep floors why should I have to pay extra taxes so people that have no ambition, no drive can get free medical care? Why should I pay for the illegal immigrants that come over to have babies here because as you say " the US has the worst healthcare system of any industrialized country"...but apparently it's good enough for them isn't it. This country gives people so many chances to succeed but a lot of those people don't aspire to do anything with their lives except mooch off the governement whether it be welfare, medicare or medicaid. A social healthcare system would only add to that problem.

And ANOTHER Stupid reply...stop it man!
Where did I say that I was hurting??? Where did I say anything about my situation??? I am talking about others. I am talking about millions that simply cannot afford your COBRA with any type of planning.

Now, as for the immigration, again, you're hitting the wrong thing. No one here said that Haiti med system, or Mexico had it better or worse. People come here not for our med system, but for something else, things that are better here. I guarantee you that 90% of those immigrants have no clue about our med system before coming here and are not even thinking about it. I was one of them 20 years ago...

The bottom line is that the system we have is a pure shame for this country that is world's leader, and that is spending billions per day policing someone else...