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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Please, stop proving how DUMB your way of thinking is...with ignorant comments like that!

If you can't think of something smart to wrte, don't write. And if you think that our health system is great ask someone who just lost their job, or who's serving tables for living or who's not in the Army...

Anyway, pull your head out of your ass anl look around a bit and compare to the rest of the world -- there is so much out there that is better and worse than here... Healthcare is definitely not our best side
How about you go hug a tree or something. Honestly...bleeding heart liberals want to feed, clothe and medicate the rest of the world. And if you've lost your job and had benefits ever at all you can qualify for COBRA. If you really want to rescue someone I'm sure there's a kitty cat stuck in a tree somewhere.