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Originally Posted by mhaghighi View Post
i don't underestand my is not doing anything. but i tried to update with memory stick and is not recognizing the stick in the glove compartment. i have 2013 x5 and still nothing. should i unpair and pair up again?
I'm far from an expert on this, but I think it's highly likely that your model-year 2013 will NOT need to update your iDrive's software.

Inside iDrive you can find the software version you currently have, and if it's something like MX-3.5.4 and TX-3.5.4, then you probably have the latest version.

Instead, I'm supposing your problems are not on the on-board software version, but rather configuration...or usage. I see your follow-on post. When you write it is "not working" what's the situation?
For instance:
a) phone shows bluetooth is operational (icon)
b) phone SLEEP button is activated OR it is in time-out lock mode
c) you have received a SMS text message (not an e-mail) WHILE the phone is sleeping/locked.

All of those conditions above must be active in order for it to work.

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