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I was talking about this product: http://************/8xjeagt

Ephedrine is made synthetically by extracting and isolating Ephedra. For the purposes we use it for, its basically the same.

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A quick google search on primatene mostly shows results for mist asthma inhalers. My results could be different than what you're talking about though. I also found a source that says it will be discontinued as a mist (maybe something else will come) after December 2011 because they fail to comply with the FDA's CFC standards. Honestly can't find anything quickly that says what the exact ingredients are, but don't have time to do a thorough search right now. I won't get into the argument between ephedra and ephedrine hcl either. Chemically they are different, but again I don't have time to do too much research on this right now, and it's not really a big deal anyway.

With the Ripped Fuel and Hydroxycut, I was taking the recommended dosage on the bottle, sometimes less than that. I started with a tolerance period of a couple of weeks, taking lower than the recommended dosage to assess my tolerance. Once I seemed fine after two weeks, I started taking the recommended amount. I never exceeded it. I was taking the stuff for maybe a couple of months (maybe 2 months for each, but at different times over the course of a year). I was also drinking a ton of water, mainly because I was deployed and it was 100+ degrees all the time. I can honestly say I never had hydration issues as I was probably drinking at least two gallons of water a day. When I redeployed, that is when the problems started. Not only did I somehow have a kidney stone (doctor said if I was taking too many supplements that was probably the cause), but he also noted my BP and resting HR were abnormally high. He recommended that whatever I was taking I stop. He also recommended to cut out the coffees and teas that I drank if I drank any of that, which I did but usually on rare occassions. He told me to come back in a couple of months at my convenience, just make an appointment. Three months later after stopping all the stuff, my resting HR was down in the 60's and my BP was well within normal ranges. After that, I decided I'd never take any supplements except a multivitamin.