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Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim Discussion

If you don't own this game, you need to go out and get it. It's one of those "once in a decade" games that is a must have. I played Oblivion but none of the Elder Scrolls before it. To be quite honest, Oblivion was a fantastic game but had it's flaws....mainly the leveling system. Skyrim has completely done away with the leveling system of Oblivion (search efficient leveling if you don't know what I'm talking about). Now you can play the game any way you want and not have to worry about leveling up too fast with too few points. If you want to be a one-handed sword who cast destruction spells then have at it! They made it simplier with the leveling system. No longer do you pick int, str, agility, etc. when leveling, now just simply health, magika, and stamina. You also get 1 skill point to use in any "tree" that you wish. This makes you able to play any style you want. Oh, I almost forgot.....they put finishing moves in the game (Fallout 3 style). I'm not sure so far if they are going to annoy me later on, they don't happen too frequently IMO. I think they did "dumb" the game down some. Crafting like Smithing now includes everything from heavy to cloth armor. There are no longer spell "hotkeys" for the 360's D pad, but you can designate skills/items as favorites.

I'm playing on the 360, it does have it's flaws. If you download the content to the HD, it lowers the graphics and view distance. If you play off the disc, load times are long and often (if going in different buildings). I hear a patch is coming out for the graphic fix on the HD. PC players might be pissed because this is just basically another consol ported over to the PC (similar to MW and BF). Kinda sucks because all those game mentioned were originally made for the PC in the past.

Right now I'm having a blast with my Nord Battle Mage. I joined the Companions and Mage's guilde, the side quests are very fun to say the least. Vampirism is back, as well as another type of unique "character".....I won't spoil it though but it's wicked fun. I'm thinking of doing assasin type for my 2nd play though.

Long story short, go out and get it!
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