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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
Ok... after speaking to the body shop today I asked them the reason for not wanting to fill plastic bumpers. They said after having done this in the past numerous times using plastic fillers from different companies, it never holds up. It looks great at first, but either it doesn't bond properly or it doesn't expand and contract at the same rate as the bumper. So it's only a matter of time before you start to see a ring around the filled in area. The only way to do it properly and have it last is to buy the Euro bumper.
If a body shop doesnt know what they are doing, then yes..your right it will eventually start to show the filled area. but if you have it done by a proper shop, it will not do this.
But in any case... I like to have my front bumper repainted every year or so as it gets attacked by stones and gets sandblasted on the highway after a while. So IN THE EVENT that the filling would even begin to show, a simple sanding job and repaint and gone again for a few years. (STILL CHEAPER THEN BUYING A EURO BUMPER AND HAVING THAT PAINTED!)