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Originally Posted by MKE_M3 View Post
True, but they are mutually exclusive.

To make generic...

Thread Title: "Why My [object] will not be my last [object]" (this logically implies that you will be selling said current [object])
Body: "Here is a list of things I like about my current [object]"

So you are saying you are going to replace [object], but the only information you provide is a list of things you like about the [object]

That may not be contradictory, but it is certainly not logical or useful.


"I am not going to keep my blue hat, it will be replaced with a new blue hat at some point in the future.

I really like the look of my blue hat. It fits really well! It does a great job of keeping the sun out of my eyes."

To me, I read this and wonder why this person doesn't just keep his current blue hat. If you connect the two thoughts, that could be useful, such as your subsequent statement that you have faith that BMW will make the new version even better, and at that point you will get rid of your loved current possession. Perhaps the blue hat is wearing out, so you'll try to find a new, similar one, with less wear?

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