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Originally Posted by scottp999 View Post
If it is 75k to 80k including taxes, tags and title they are going to lose a ton of people off the waitlist. If it's 75k to 80k before taxes, tags, and title they might lose everyone. Will be fun to watch, since I am not buying one. I'm thinking 62k base and 72k out the door for a fully loaded coupe, but more hopeful people believe a base coupe price will be 59k not 62-65k.

The US dollar is in toilet paper status, so a major price shock would not suprise me. They are smart for not announcing the pricing until the last second.
agree, im definitely not interested anymore if thats the price. i'd rather buy a used 2006 m5 and mod the hell out of it. the m5 prices are dropping like crazy and im loving it cause i want one