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Rear Shelf/Vent Removal and Silencing with Pics!

*This was performed on an e92 M3

Removing and reinstalling the rear shelf will take the better part of 3 hours. You will need the following tools:

T20 Torx Screwdriver
T25 Torx Screwdriver
T40 Torx Screwdriver
5/16 Wrench
Socket Wrench with small and large bit adapter
Trim/Nail puller of some sort

Sound proofing used:
JVCC Felt-06 3/4 in x 25 yards
" 1 in x 25 yards
Frost King Rubber Foam Weatherseal 3/4 in wide, 7/16 in thick, 10 ft. long

Step 1
Remove bottom seat cushion by prying up rather firmly, then remove side bolsters by pushing them up into the seatbelt cover to release the bottom catch and then pull out to release the top. Next release the back seats and lower them, as they will be used as your bench while you work. Also, the C-pillars must be removed, simply pop out the plastic airbag piece (No worry, airbag is not located here!) and unscrew the Torx screw. Pull inwards rather strongly so that the two clips pop out with a snapping sound.

Step 2
Remove the expanding rivet and the screw located in the lower latch of the trunk to allow felt covering to be pulled away from the seat belt housing. Remove the housing cover by unscrewing the the nut/screw at the lower section hidden behind the felt. Then release the two expanding rivets and pull the housing down the seat belt out of the way. Repeat for the other side.

Step 3
Remove the 5 expanding rivets along the shelf where the rear seats latch. Then remove the plastic top to the hooks sticking up on the top of the shelf and use a Torx screwdriver to remove the large screws holding the shelf in place. These are hidden in these hooks. After this, remove the speaker wires by simply pulling them out of the socket. Once these are out, the shelf can be pulled back to reveal the foam underneath and the rear vent.

Step 4
After unscrewing the module which is on top of the foam (which you will need a very short screwdriver or socket), the foam is removed and the rear vent can accessed. Unscrew the four screws holding the vent in and you can pull it out to work on it!

Step 5
Felt the hell out of the thing! All contact points should be felted, and though it will be a little resistant putting it back in, it will be possible to fit and screw back in to place. Felt any contact points where screws or rivets go in just to provide some peace of mind and having to take apart the rear again (like I did).

A note of caution, you will be uncomfortable for most of this. There is a lot of neck strain as well as contorting the body. Might be a good move to stretch first! =)
Please post any questions and I will elaborate and edit this post.
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