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Originally Posted by Nixon View Post
Ugh. Every US car TV show slowly devolves into thinly veiled infomercials to promote car shops, car services, car sales, or car parts. Even PINKS is getting infected with commercialism.

I will be disappointed if that is the direction they go here in the states.
+1,000,000 to that...

I remember when Pinks started, the guy was friendly to the drivers, it was plain-lane it's a buge f'n hummer, with logos plastered everywhere, and he acts like a total dick most of the time...

Oh well, hopefully it can't be any worse then the crappy Canadian car show, I can't even remember the name of it, which whore's Walmart(of all car products) with what has to be the nerdiest, host on TV... the Red headed chick that used to co-host was alright, but the new chick seems to just read off of cue cards that he must have written...which aren't funny...