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Originally Posted by Ninjaneer View Post
Huh?! You got 134 exp but arent' a Captain yet? Strange, I'd think your rank would be up there by now. I got 108, Captain, and rank is a 34.... highest was 36. Was a level 10 one night and played 2 nights in a row and ranked up to that 36! Ranked down to 34 but now trying to get back to that 36 and break to 40 but it's starting to get tougher at this stage... for me at least

I don't have a set party to play with (or the time to dedicate to keep something like that up) but that's how you gotta do it... some random ppl can really bring you down.

BTW your service record link ... you'd need to look your gamertag up through the search and paste that link for us cos the one you pasted is the default page when you're signed in so we won't catch your gamertag in that link.

i dont have my captain because i dont play too much ranked so my highest level achieved is a 17
once you get 100 exp you can only get captain if youve reached a 20, since i havent gotten my 20 i need to get 200 exp to get to lieutenant grade 2, but once i get my 20 i level up to captain grade 2 at 150 exp, its really confusing
as far as the link goes
add me, ninja