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Originally Posted by BOOSTFTW View Post
Also, when is it safe to go down on a girl? I don't want to give my partner herpes.
Short answer, never. Basically any time you make out with a girl or go down on a girl, you have the chance of spreading it. You can just as easily spread the virus while there is no lesion.

If its a 1 time cold sore and it never comes back, then you should be fine and chalk it up to stress. You usually get a cold sore when young and become infected with HSV1 which is more of a disease of childhood then a STD.

In all honesty I would go and find out whether you have HSV1 or HSV2. 2 is considered to be the STD. While its generally of genital origin, it can affect the mouth.

If it is recurring, there are multiple drugs to help decrease outbreaks, decrease viral shedding, etc.

Also, HSV1 usually is just latent with you for life, and is kept under wraps by the immune system. Reactivation may never occur and you may be alright. Just be safe.

I'd get tested to be sure, and tell your partner.