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Hey guys,

This is a serious post. I shared a drink with my friend about a week to 2 weeks ago. At the time we were rushing to get in the club so we just pre-gamed and drank straight from the bottle, with me taking the last swig right after my friend, who has major outbreaks (coldsores) every 2 weeks. At the time I totally forgot about the fact that he has this problem, and being the idiot that I was, I drank from the bottle without thinking about it (I had an open cut on my lip too). Currently, I am having coldsore outbreaks on my outer lip, I am fuckin' paranoid right now. I read somewhere that this Type 1 virus may transmit to other parts of the body, specifically the genital area. Can I give myself genital herpes (I wash my face prior to washing my body in the shower)? Sorry if this was poorly written, its 1:30 in the morning and I'm worrying like crazy. Any input would be much interested. Thanks.