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Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
itís not that the universe is conscious rather itís my subliminal messages that I broadcast about who I am.
Oh Shah, you are so right.
I realised this too, but it feels more solid hearing it from someone else.
I am amazed how people judge/perceive you from silly little hints like dress/posture/nonverbal communication.. perhaps this is to be accepted in a world of limited interactions where you do have to sell yourself for lack of modesty or better words.

Originally Posted by catherinelam View Post

very true.
so, you are bored..?

Originally Posted by carve View Post
Most women even want a few subtle elements of being controlled
Honestly, I thought this stuff was crap, but the more I see the 'base'ness or depravity (for lack of better word) the more I believe you may be right.
Like a slave expects to be treated live a slave, there is no point telling him he is better than that, why not just agree with him and enjoy the fruits of his labor? Damn this world is dark.