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Originally Posted by carve View Post
What a woman typically wants is a lack of neediness. They want someone who doesn't need them, but wants them. "Nice guys" are often very placating and needy, while the bad boys definitely embrace their masculinity and aren't needy. To walk the fine line, be "nice", but not at the expense of saying what you want (even at risk of rejection) and doing what you want. A masculine guy will put himself out there and not compromise his opinions, values and desires just to avoid rejection...and women go crazy for it.

Here's a pertinent excerpt from the book "Models" by Mark Mason
It boggles my mind how RIGHT this is...those lame vampire movies/books are testament to this phenomena as well as 50 shades of gray.

It's so true...self proclaimed "nice guys" are a needy bunch, stop sulking and get some. Sulking only works if you have already made yourself :P