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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
No, wrong. As always. It's really as simple as I showed. Really. You overanalyze everything to the nth degree with your preconceived disdain for the guy. You're not stating facts, this is just a biased interpretation by you. Thanks for calling.
Point out one biased thing. I based everything i wrote on the same principles one would use on a mathematical proof. And since when the hell is analyzing things to its conclusion a bad thing?! When you create systems for jets do you just program things based on what you want to happen? or do you also think of the things that your program may have effected outside of the initial problem along with how and why its solving your problem? For instance, in medicine, if a Doctor just diagnosed early stage cancer that can easily be separated from the skin, the doctor doesn't say, "well, i guess were going to take the leg" the cost isnt worth the benefit.

Say a plane your working on is having instability caused by the landing gear, if you didn't think further than just the problem, one would simply just remove the landing gear.

I have no problem with the guy personally. His policies are insane and damaging. Furthermore hes spreading an ideology that is very damaging to progress.