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Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
Because i know comrade scotch doesn't have any problem at all with taking political speeches or anything else for that matter at more than face value, this wont be directed at him. For everyone else, here is my take spelled out line by line. (from the link i posted, 2:40 seconds worth of speech).

Clip starts with him talking about raising taxes for the wealthy, switches into this: "they know they didn't ah ah. Look, if you've been successful, you didn't, you didn't get there on your own." Im sorry, i didnt realize the mortgage taken out by so many to fund the business they run is signed by the gov. as being responsible.

He goes onto say its not because you're smarter or harder working than others. then goes into "if you were successful, someone along the line gave you some help, there was a great teacher somewhere....blah blah" Lets evaluate this line shall we? By following his line of thought here, if you are successful someone MUST NECESSARILY have helped, furthermore it was other people that created your success. Certainly not you.

Then sites the American system, roads etc (no problems there). Then attributes all of those things i had no problem with, with business NOT having built them. Business pays employees who pay taxes, and corporate taxes, these things fund the gov. No one else.

then says "government research created the internet so that all the companies could make money off the internet" -LOL

"the point is: when we succeed, we succeed because of our ah ah indi ah ah individual initiative, but also because we do things together"

"we don't fight fires on our own" "theirs some things we do better together" Insinuating that the government is better, our reason for success, using firefighting to frame the argument. Like saying because 1+2=3 are all numbers, 4 is also a number therefore 1+4=3... its a fallacious argument due to its generality.

"that's how we created the middle class" How? firefighting? working together? Government? He sited only governmental things and then says that how we created the middle class. This implies that the government is responsible for the middle class. I always knew on middle class peoples paychecks its signed by the government....wait. Its not.

"we rise or fall together as one nation, and as one people, and that is the reason im running for president. You're not on your own. were together"

Always thought we were a nation of individuals? but in the words of Pink Floyd. "All we are is just another brick in the wall"
No, wrong. As always. It's really as simple as I showed. Really. You overanalyze everything to the nth degree with your preconceived disdain for the guy. You're not stating facts, this is just a biased interpretation by you. Thanks for calling.