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Originally Posted by pman10 View Post
I believe she is referring to this study?


•Up to five times more of the RF signals from FM radio and television (than from cell towers) are absorbed by the body with no known adverse effects on health in the more than 50 years that radio and TV broadcast stations have been operating.
•Reported cancer clusters surrounding cell phone towers are "often a collection of different types of cancer with no common characteristics" and are therefore "unlikely to have a common cause." What's more, the report noted that there are now so many cell towers that cancer clusters will occur near some merely by chance. And during the past 15 years, no epidemiological studies have found an increased risk of human or animal cancers related to the transmitters."

The easy answer is to tell you not to get freaked out. But IMO, if I were you and it was my parents living next to a potential tower, I would probably try to get them to move out or stop the construction. Good luck OP
That's the one I think. I'll read through it all when I get the chance

Thanks for all the info. The only thing that concerns me is that reported cancer clusters with "no common characteristics" bit. I mean a cluster of cancer is still a cluster of cancer right? I'm sure you can tell I'm not a doctor lol.

Like I said earlier, we are getting an attorney involved so here's to hoping for the best. Thanks a bunch, pman.