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The differential and its torque twist witch is cause by the rubber mounts it hangs on is a big cause of wheel hop the differential will twist more then you think. Most times wheel hop happens is launching the car and the tires are grabbing for traction. Each little slip of traction the torque twisted differential will unload and the rubber bushing will spring the differential back to a neutral position. The regain of traction will load the differential twisting it down again starting a pendulum affect that will make the suspension load and unload wheel hop happens. There is many other causes for wheel hop but on IRS rear ends this is the main one. The differential brace he is reviewing will help keep the diff from loading and unloading helping with wheel hop.

I do believe it happens on the m3 in varying degrees many times the driver will not feel it. Other times BAM BAM BAM BAM. HP levels, tires, age and state of rubber bushings all play into wheel hop. Take a stock hp m3 with some big sticky rear tires and do some good launches probably get some mean hop like being on a sticky drag strip starting line. I say stock hp m3 for the reason of not having the compete power of over whelming the tires. The feeling of the car becoming more planted and stable could be from lsd differential being able to work more efficient in a turn due to it not waiting for the bushing to react to on and off throttle inputs. Just my two cents....

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Sorry is this part a diff brace or a tie bar? Hard to see from the photo. Seems to me like this won't do anything to prevent wheel hop but may help save your diff in the event it does happen. May help in keeping the pinion angle from winding up, but again i dont know where the feelings of stability and "planted" are coming from. Thanks for quoting the marketing material from the prospective vendor btw that's really objective stuff.