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Great link. I know Rick is a bit more well known in the 335 community and the M3 brace is really new. I'm one of the first few with it on.

Some more info copy and pasted for you guys...

"Well, the //M specific diff brace/lockdown process of design is done for the most part, the test vehicle is back in the hands of it's owner and will be available once more comprehensive feedback/video is acquired from said owner. That being said, I had to re-design this one from scratch, it shares similarities with the N54 cars only in regards to the two front diff bushings, everything else is drastically different. A jig has been made for replication and during the process I realized that there are several ways to offer this as far as materials used in duplication, naturally cost increases will apply to which material I use, so I figured it would be best to get feedback from the community in regards to the matter. The initial prototype was made from 4130 chromoly steel, which was selected mostly because there's mountains of it around the shop, the only drawback is the manufacturing of each unit is time consuming, probably double what the second version takes to make, which utilizes 4130 plate steel, cut to a template. equally as strong, but about 12-15lbs heavier. Each piece that is made from 4130 will require powdercoating, which bumps the price a bit again. obviously the full tubular design is more attractive and much lighter,but the use of that would drive final cost near $800-900+,whereas the plate version would be a bit more affordable...and as an added dimension in expensive materials, I could use titanium as well but now were talking well over $1k...but I could make them if desired, those would be made to order obviously. I believe I have enough spare Ti laying around to make one at this point. So, thoughts/feelings/questions regarding the final incarnation of this would be greatly appreciated. here's a teaser of the tubular one in the jig.mounts to car via supplied polyurethane bushings on either end."

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Very interesting, so this takes swapping the rubber diff mounts for solid mounts a step further by introducing a subframe to diff brace, essentially unitizing AND bracing the diff and the subframe. This upgrade seems very worthwhile if you launch consistently.

A good DIY on it with more pics..if anyone is interested

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