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DEFIV Rear Differential Brace REVIEW

I contacted Rick @ Defiv many weeks ago regarding the rear diff brace he made for the e92 M3 after reading the review posted and watching the wheel hop video. Even though I don't launch my car a whole lot, I was very intrigued by the review mentioning how it took care of a great deal of the DCT sloppiness. I knew this product would be even more so beneficial with the upgraded AA Gen 2 Stage 3 kit I was putting on. Rick was awesome to deal with and gave answered any questions I had very promptly with great detail. He had everything built in less time than originally estimated and was extremely patient and understanding with my schedule being moved around a bunch.

I dropped the car off on a Tuesday night at Rick's garage in PA. Talked to him for quite a bit and he is VERY knowledgeable with all types of high HP cars. He is very passionate about what he does and quite the enthusiast. I also asked Rick to let me know how he felt overall about the car as I always like getting opinions from people who know what to look for. Rick was more than accommodating to this and any other requests I had. Rick started texting me the next day with updates and pictures throughout the install. Again, awesome service! I picked up the car on Thursday night as promised. The car was freshly hand washed using quality products and my tire pressure was properly adjusted. I didn't ask for either but do I have to mention again how good the service was?

When I picked up the car I had Rick take me for a spin to see his opinions on everything. Even from a passenger's point of view, the rear of the car felt very solid (like a brace was put on...hmm...). Had some fun with the DSC off and no wheel hop where the car would usually be all over the place! NICE!I have driven the car for about 10 days now and will try to summarize my impressions. The rear of the car used to feel like it would bounce around a bit and now it feels totally planted. This has given me a big increase in confidence while driving. As mentioned above, you literally feel like a brace is holding the rear tightly.A HUGE added bonus to this is that the DCT transmission is running flawlessly now! I have driven many e92 M3s, owned NA & FI ones and all of the DCTs had some hiccups - from a bit of lag when downshifting every now and then to just some other odd behaviors. I have tried to get my car to repeat the small hiccups I used to experience and haven't been able to. I have probably put a good 500+ miles on the car since pickup and WOW. The car just feels so much stronger!

In my opinion, this is the best ~$1k (including labor) I've spent on the car, period. This is MUST HAVE for any M3 especially you DCT guys! I cannot speak for you 6speed guys but even if there is no added benefit to the transmission, it is still a big improvement on the car. Especially without having to spend thousands. I know it always helps to be able to test out a product before buying so if anyone is seriously interested they are more than welcome to go for a spin in my car.

Rick, you have done an excellent job with this product and your service. A+.
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