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Originally Posted by carve View Post
Canon and Nikon both make great SLR's with tons of lens options, but you don't buy an SLR the same way you buy a point and shoot. You're picking a system- not a camera. The T5i will come out in a year, but lenses have a MUCH longer service life, and you'll probably spend more on them than the camera. Pick out what lenses you want, then look at the cost and performance of the Canon and Nikon equivelents.

Sony does some great stuff, but you are completely limited by their lacking accessories ie. lenses which are the most important thing.

for all it matters right now, buy a t1i and get some really good lenses and you will be taking pictures nearly the same quality as some of the higher end models if you can get your skills up. but the fact that you have the good lenses is where the $ is. Again, between Nikon and Canon, it's a bit of a roll of the dice. Hold both in your hands and see what feels more natural to you. Just remember, if you're walking around all day with one of these bodies, it has to be comfortable and make you want to use it. If you aren't comfortable, you won't be encouraged to use it.

The touch screen idea and the flip screen idea are both fairly new to DSLR bodies, which have been around forever, so to use them as a selling point isn't really worth the time in my opinion. Once you have all your favourite settings programmed, you'll almost never use those extra menus anymore, so they aren't necessary.

The flip screen is handy if you're going to be doing a lot of video, but if you have no video plans, don't even look at the flip. Unless you take a lot of pictures from ground level and don't want to get on the ground.