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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
Merc' is not winning because of its engine ?
Can you tell me mate , why the Mercs are 17 km/h faster on the straights ?
Even the F1 grandma (Bottas) can win in a Merc with 0 racecraft...

And why last year the Ferrari's were 21 km/ faster than the Mercs ?
Not the engine ..Are you serious ? Mate give me a break !
mate Merc' won races up until this year without being the fastest on the straights.. and they re still not the fastest they think more about the corners.. car is simply grippy.. its efficient.. and as i ve said.. if engine only is a reason Merc' to win.. why Racing Point or Williams cant win races still.. cause Merc'.. is.. a.. great.. team.. working in harmony.. even someone you follow closely Horner said this as well.. Merc' is like a big machine working in harmony..

and btw.. anything Merc' uses is being inspected 2-3 times recently.. just for trying to find something illegal on the car.. but its all legal.. if engineering is better sorry but thats why teams compete with each other and they re in F1..

If Red Bull having problems with Honda, if Ferrari were doing secret stuff with its engine and has to give up on that.. but Merc' doesnt stumble things normally goes better for Merc's.. and it creates a gap.. which what we re watching this year.. wait for next year.. McLarens will come into play.. Red Bull wont be that relaxed like now on the grid for being 2nd.. then probably here there ll be some blames on McLaren as well.. we ll see time flies mate..

Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
Sochi benefited BOT and the RB system wasn't being harvested as much from the lack of braking ers/kers according to MV hence the 6/10 sec loss per lap.
so if Red Bull's systems are not good enough.. its Merc's fault my friend?
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