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Originally Posted by to_riffic View Post
I'm same height, 180; can't say if I can run 10 miles though, it's been years since I did that. lol.

Not against a 1250GS, but that weight....I know people will say you aren't going to feel it when it's up and running, but if you're caught on a bank or something where you're not in the most comfortable position, it's going to be a struggle. I remember nearly dropping my Ducati V4 S when I mistakingly didn't put the peg fully down and it went back up and nearly dismounted. It's a 430ish pound bike, and I held onto it from tipping over, anymore weight and i would never have saved the drop.
My CBR flipped me over on to my back. It was somewhere in Canada on a wet and cold day. My foot slipped off the the center stand. I was still in my helmet and rainsuit. My wife was in the hotel, on the balcony watching the event unfold.

I was leaning way back trying to save it, but as in arm wrestling, once the balance tips... There I was ass over head, catapulted over the big scoot, landed flat on my back. After putting the bike back up on its wheels, then on the center stand, I went inside for a beer. As I stepped on to the balcony to greet my warm and comfortable wife, she said, "Looks like that hurt."

Lol - bitch

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