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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
I have no doubt a single hot lap would be fast with the supercharger. But that's not really possible as nobody does just one lap sessions and tires wouldn't be heated enough to provide adequate grip for faster times. You can say I had bad corners all day long but I'm the one who put a decent amount of track and street time with and without the kit and the numbers just go along with what I already felt since day one.

Of course I'd love to see a professional driver independently compare them as well. But my conclusion is based on my own data and experience and I'd say that's at least better than theories and vendor claims. You should buy my kit and test yourself.
Mark, agreed on the conclusion that SC is no bueno for HPDE lapping. Subjectively and objectively, looking at the car's vitals, it doesn't add too much and it takes several things away (throttle response, consistency).

However, while there truly is no such thing as a perfect lap, I still stand by that you did not have as good of a "best lap" with the supercharger (or conditions were significantly better today than two months ago but since both days were cool, dry days I doubt it). yes, I believe you went faster with no SC but I also believe that the SC'd car with those mods is capable of going a lot faster than 1:44.5, probably more like 1:39-1:40 in 6MT trim with your mods.

Pro level drivers have a very low standard deviation of lap/split times, traffic permitting. Pros are not necessarily just better on a single lap but in their consistency in achieving such to the level where they can recommend minute adjustments and go out and test them to find out with conviction whether a subtle change made a car better or worse. Until a driver can lap within <.5 sec each lap, it's pretty difficult to put a lot of faith in a comparison of laptimes on different days and attributing the change mostly to the car.

I think you've definitely proven that the car is more consistent and healthy without the SC but I also think the SC'd car would have been markedly faster if you did the same quality of lap you did today with it on... without watching a video I can't say how much better your lap today was but I am very certain you drove better today than last time (that's a good thing!), haha

Thanks for the offer on the kit; someone else is going to have to test it since I'm not a big fan of mods let alone FI mods. I drove a 997.2 GT3RS this weekend on T-hill thanks to the generosity of one of our local members and I think all my extra pennies are going to go towards one of those and not modding my M3. Gonna be a while I think.
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