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Mark: great writeup and thanks for providing data on car vital temperatures. I am definitely in agreement with you of not having FI at the track, especially for sustained lapping on stock cooling.

However, I watched the lap from your ESS-supercharged 1:44.5 time and there was at least .75 second lost in the corkscrew and .25-.5 lost in T2. I *think* you probably got a cleaner best lap today but without video we can't really know for sure.

Without a pro level driver lapping both cars for consistency, it's hard to compare best laps from two different days. Keep in mind Pobst did a 1:42.96 with a completely stock DCT E92 M3 on 19" PS2's in 2008.

While I think the ESS SC is probably still faster for a single hot lap, I also believe 100% that you are right that a supercharger is not ideal for the track. Time is not everything for HPDE thrills. Having consistent performance and response outweigh the laptime bragging benefit (which is already compromised due to heat soak and throttle response).
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